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Revolutionizing Cleanroom Energy Efficiency: SRS Life Sciences

SRS Life Sciences, in partnership with Doyen GreenX Technologies, dramatically reduced energy consumption by 75% in their cleanroom facilities, utilizing high-efficiency HVAC systems that required significantly less energy. This initiative not only met rigorous standards but also established new industry benchmarks for sustainable operations in the pharmaceutical sector.

Introduction: SRS Life Sciences, a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, has been committed to pioneering energy-efficient solutions in its facilities. Faced with the challenge of maintaining strict environmental controls in cleanroom areas while reducing energy consumption, SRS Life Sciences set an ambitious target to dramatically decrease their energy usage.

Details: SRS Life Sciences sought to transform their energy consumption across seven floors of cleanroom classified areas. The conventional setup required 120 TR (Tons of Refrigeration), which was significantly reduced to just 36 TR with the innovative solutions provided by Doyen GreenX Technologies, achieving a remarkable 75% in energy savings.

Solution: To meet these challenges, SRS Life Sciences partnered with Doyen GreenX Technologies, renowned for its cutting-edge energy conservation solutions. Doyen GreenX tailored a strategy that not only met the stringent cleanroom standards but also optimized energy use.


  1. High-Efficiency Cleanroom HVAC Systems: Doyen GreenX Technologies implemented high-efficiency HVAC systems specifically designed for cleanroom environments. These systems, requiring only 36 TR compared to the conventional 120 TR, were crucial in achieving the desired cleanroom classifications while ensuring substantial energy savings.
  2. GreenX Energy Solutions: In another area, where a conventional setup would typically require 120 TR, Doyen’s innovative solutions maintained the requirement at just 36 TR. This significant reduction was achieved by integrating state-of-the-art technologies that maintained optimal environmental conditions at lower energy costs.

Impact: The implementation of these solutions at SRS Life Sciences resulted in unprecedented energy savings, reducing operational expenses while maintaining the highest standards of environmental control. The 75% reduction in energy usage not only underscored SRS Life Sciences’ commitment to sustainability but also set new benchmarks for the industry in energy-efficient cleanroom operations.

Conclusion: SRS Life Sciences, with the expertise of Doyen GreenX Technologies, has redefined what is possible in cleanroom energy management. This case study exemplifies how innovative technologies and thoughtful implementation can result in significant operational efficiencies and sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry.

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