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Comprehensive Project Consulting Services

At Doyen, we understand that successful project execution requires a seamless integration of design capabilities, project management expertise, and regulatory compliance. Our comprehensive project solutions encompass every aspect of your project lifecycle, ensuring not only exceptional design but also efficient management and adherence to regulations.

Phase 1


Laying the Foundation

The initial stage involves conceptualizing the project and ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements and industry standards. Our team develops facility concept notes that encompass HVAC, Electricals, Utilities, Effluent, and firefighting systems. We take into account local regulations, fire department norms, and pollution control board guidelines. The outcome is a preliminary budget that offers a clear cost estimation.


Kick-off Meet
Project Objectives
Capacity Calculations
Process Flow
Size Process Equipment
Define HVAC Concepts
Define the Water Treatment Concept
Warehouse Sizing
Preliminary Layout
Preliminary Budgeting
Project Timelines

Pharma Project Management
Strategic Financial Advantage

Front End Engineering

Strategic Planning

During this phase, we finalize capacities for critical long-lead equipment, enabling timely procurement. We select systems based on feasibility, CapEx, and OpEx considerations. Our approach includes detailed architectural and structural detailing, ensuring a smooth transition to the construction phase. Fine-tuning the budget to a higher accuracy level, we set the groundwork for successful execution.


Alternative Plant Layouts
Man Material Flow
HVAC Zoning
Pressure Zoning
Utility Sizing
Process & Utility P&ID
Estimate Power requirements
Electrical Distribution Schemes
Conceptual ETP Design
Fire Fighting Scheme
BMS Concept Note
2nd Stage Budget
Time Line Review

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Phase 2

Detailed Engineering

Precision in Execution

This stage involves preparing comprehensive execution drawings for various components, from duct routings to utility piping. Our focus is on minimizing variations, with a commitment to not exceeding 5% deviations in final billing. Simultaneously, procurement kicks off and continues alongside detailed engineering, ensuring seamless coordination and timely equipment/material acquisition.


Process Equipments
HVAC Detailing
Piping Engineering
Electrical Engineering
BMS Detailing
ETP Detailing
Fire Fighting
Lab Furniture
Warehouse Racking
Budget Review
Time Line Review

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Strategic Sourcing for Savings

Our procurement strategy is centered on maximizing direct purchases from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), reducing contractor scope, and resulting in substantial cost savings. With Doyen’s guidance, your purchase team navigates the procurement process efficiently, securing the best deals for equipment, materials, and contracting services.


Preparation of URS
Inviting Bids
Detailed Tenders
Technical Evaluation
Commercial Evaluation
Execution Drawings
Site Erection Drawings
Performing FAT
Follow-up for POs, Deliveries, Logistics, Payments etc…
Budget Review
Time Line Review

Execution & Validation
Execution & Validation
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Phase 3

Planning, Execution & Validations

Coordinated Success

Execution management is paramount to successful project completion. Our on-site team, in collaboration with our design team, takes charge of scheduling, vendor coordination, and stakeholder management. We leave no stone unturned – our clients’ production, QA, and purchase teams are aligned, ensuring smooth operations. Our holistic approach even extends to cash flow planning, providing your finance team with pre-planned project payment schedules.


Defining Coordination Protocol
Micro Scheduling
Coordination Meetings
Supervision for all Disciplines
Site Logistics
Cost & Safety Measures
Document Control
Progress Reports
SHE Monitoring
Performing SAT
Bill Certification
As-Built Report
Validation Protocols

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A Roadmap to Success

At Doyen GreenX Technologies, our commitment to excellence begins with our time-tested methodology. This meticulously crafted roadmap is the backbone of our project execution, ensuring every venture’s success from inception to completion.

Conceptualization: Building a Strong Foundation

In the conceptualization phase, we kickstart the project with a detailed kickoff meeting, where we set project objectives and outline the vision. Capacity calculations, process flow, and equipment sizing are meticulously defined. HVAC and water treatment concepts are also formulated. This stage culminates in preliminary layouts, budgeting, and a clear project timeline.

Front End Engineering: Precision Planning

Our methodical approach continues into the Front End Engineering phase. Here, we explore alternative plant layouts, define man-material flows, and establish HVAC and pressure zoning. Utility sizing, process, and utility P&ID are developed with precision. We estimate power requirements, plan electrical distribution schemes, and outline fire-fighting and BMS concepts. We refine budgets and review timelines, ensuring a comprehensive plan for the project’s next stages.

Power Management

There is no greater benchmark for success than customer satisfaction.

Power Management

There is no greater benchmark for success than customer satisfaction.

Detailed Engineering: Crafting Excellence

Detail is key in the Detailed Engineering phase. Our experts delve into architectural, structural, and equipment engineering. Instrumentation, HVAC detailing, piping, plumbing, and electrical engineering are meticulously addressed. We provide detailed plans for BMS, ETP, fire-fighting, lab furniture, and warehouse racking. Comprehensive budget and timeline reviews keep the project on track and within scope.

Procurement: Sourcing with Precision

With our method, procurement is streamlined and efficient. We begin by preparing User Requirement Specifications (URS) and inviting bids. Tenders are detailed and undergo thorough technical and commercial evaluations. Execution and site erection drawings are meticulously developed. We follow up diligently on purchase orders, deliveries, logistics, and payments, ensuring a smooth procurement process.

Execution & Validation: Bringing It All Together

Execution and validation are the final pieces of the puzzle. We establish coordination protocols, create micro-schedules, and conduct coordination meetings. Site logistics, cost management, safety measures, and document control are diligently implemented. Regular progress reports and SHE (Safety, Health, and Environment) monitoring ensure adherence to our high standards. Validation protocols, including DQ (Design Qualification), IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operational Qualification), and PQ (Performance Qualification), are executed with precision. As-built reports and bill certifications are generated, providing a comprehensive project record.

Our proven methodology is more than just a process; it’s your blueprint for project success. With each phase carefully planned and executed, Doyen GreenX Technologies ensures that your project achieves its goals with precision, quality, and efficiency. Trust us to guide your project to unparalleled heights of excellence.

Financial gain

Our well-defined methodology, spanning from project conceptualization to validation, is the bedrock of our project success. With precision planning, efficient procurement, and unwavering quality assurance, we ensure your project’s seamless execution and excellence.

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